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DescriptionFeaturing lyrics, chord boxes and melody line, text, as well as black and white photos, these handy books are an ideal size for stuffing in your gig bag. Glance inside and you´ll see they´re super-sized packages of hit after hit for all musicians. With a hard-wearing PVC cover, each book in the series is designed to be carried around and used... over and over again!SonglistAbie My Boy [McGhee, Thomas] [Rule, Herbert] [Silberman, Louis] [Grock, A.]After The Ball [Harris, Charles K.]Ain´t It Grand To Be Bloomin´ Well Dead [Sarony, Leslie]Ain´t No Pleasing You [Chas And Dave]All By Yourself In The Moonlight [Wallis, Jay]Another Little Drink Wouldn´t Do Us Any Harm [Grey, Clifford] [Ayer, Nat D.]Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel) [Brown, Lew] [Zeman, Vaclav] [Vejvoda, Jaromir]Beer, Beer, Glorious Beer [Anderson, Harry] [Leggett, Steve] [Godwin, Will]Bill Bailey Won´t You Please Come Home [Cannon, Hugh]Boiled Beef And Carrots [Collins, Charles] [Murray, Fred]Burlington Bertie From Bow [Hargreaves, William]Champagne Charlie [Whymark, H.J.] [Lee, Alfred]Chick Chick Chicken [Holt, Fred] [McGhee, Thomas] [King, Irving]Cockles and Mussels [Traditional]Cruising Down The River [Beadell, Eily] [Tollerton, Nell]Daddy Wouldn´t Buy Me A Bow Wow [Tabrar, Joseph]Daisy Bell [Dacre, Henry]Don´t Dilly Dally On The Way [Leigh, Fred W.] [Collins, Charles]Don´t Laugh At Me (´Cause I´m A Fool) [Wisdom, Norman] [Tremayne, June]Down At The Old Bull And Bush [Fields, Arthur] [Hall, Fred]Early One Morning [Traditional]Eleven More Months And Ten More Days [Fields, Arthur] [Hall, Fred]Fanlight Fanny [Formby, George] [Cliffe, Frederick] [Gifford, Harry] [Ford, Clinton]Flanagan [Murphy, C.W.] [Letters, Will]For He´s A Jolly Good Fellow [Traditional]Friends And Neighbours [Scott, Marvin] [Lockyer, Malcolm]Glad Rag Doll [Yellen, Jack] [Dougherty, Dan] [Ager, Milton]Goodnight Ladies [Traditional]Goodnight Sweetheart [Noble, Ray] [Campbell, Jimmy] [Connelly, Reg]Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? [Murphy, C.W.] [Letters, Will] [McKenna, William]Have A Drink On Me [Traditional]Heartaches [Klenner, John] [Hoffman, Al]Hold Me [Little, Little Jack] [Oppenheim, Dave] [Schuster, Ira]How The Money Rolls In [Traditional]I Ain´t Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me) [Graham, Roger] [Williams, Spencer]I Came, I Saw, I Conga´d [Cavanaugh, James] [Redmond, John] [Weldon, Frank]I Wouldn´t Leave My Little Wooden Hut For You [Mellor, Tom] [Collins, Charles]If I Had My Way [Kendis, James] [Klein, Lou]If Those Lips Could Only Speak [Ridgewell, Chas] [Letters, Will]I´ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen [Westendorf, Thomas]I´m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter [Young, Joe] [Ahlert, Fred E.]I´m Happy When I´m Hiking [Butler, Ralph] [Trevor, Huntley]It´s A Long Way To Tipperary [Judge, Jack] [Williams, Harry H.]It´s My Mother´s Birthday Today [Lisbona, Eddie] [Connor, Tommie]I´ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts [Heatherton, Fred]Jolly Good Company [Wallace, Raymond]Just Like The Ivy [Mills, A.J.] [Castling, Harry]Knees Up Mother Brown [Weston, Harris] [Lee, Bert]Leaning On A Lamp Post [Gay, Noel]Let´s All Go Down The Strand [Castling, Harry] [Murphy, C.W.]Let´s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing [Hargreaves, Robert] [Damerall, Stanley J.] [Evans, Tolchard]Lily Of Laguna [Stuart, Leslie]Little Annie Rooney [Nolan, Michael]Little Brown Jug [Traditional]Louise [Robin, Leo] [Whiting, Richard A.]MacNamara´s Band [O´Connor, Shamus] [Stamford, John J.]Miss You [Tobias, Charlie] [Tobias, Harry] [Tobias, Henry M.]Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In) [Baum, Bernie] [Weiss, Stephen]My Old Man´s A Dustman [Donegan, Lonnie] [Buchanan, Peter] [Thorn, Beverly]My Tennessee Mountain Home [Parton, Dolly]My Very Good Friend The Milkman [Burke, Johnny] [Spina, Harold]My Wild Irish Rose [Traditional]Nellie Dean [Armstrong, Harry]Nellie The Elephant [Butler, Ralph] [Hart, Peter]Oh My Darling Clementine [Traditional]On A Slow Boat To China [Loesser, Frank]On Ilkley Moor Baht ´At [Traditional]On Top Of Old Smokey [Traditional]One, Two, Button Your Shoe [Johnston, Arthur] [Burke, John]Peg O´ My Heart [Fisher, Fred] [Bryan, Alfred]Pennies From Heaven [Johnston, Arthur] [Burke, John]Pepys´ Diary [Hill, Benny]Rabbit [Chas And Dave]Ramblin´ Rose [Sherman, Noel] [Sherman, Joe]Rose Of Tralee [Traditional]Show Me The Way To Go Home [King, Irving] [Swain, Hal]Someday (You´ll Want Me To Want You) [Hodges, Jimmie]Sonny Boy [De Sylva, Buddy] [Brown, Lew] [Henderson, Ray] [Jolson,...

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