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Civilizations als Taschenbuch von
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Civilizations:Sumer, Indus Valley Civilization, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia, Aztec, Babylonia, Viking Age, Olmec, Aegean civilizations, The Clash of Civilizations, Ancient Egypt, Tartessos, Elam, Ancient Rome, China, Gandhara, Cradle of civilization

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Vocabulary Studies in First and Second Language...
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International scholars and researchers present cutting edge contributions on the significance of vocabulary in current thinking on first and second language acquisition in the school and at home. By pursuing common themes across first and second language and bilingual contexts, the editors offer a collection that tackles the most important issues. THOMAI ALEXIOU Lecturer in the Department of Primary Education, University of the Aegean, Greece HUILI CHEN is currently working as a Content Development Manager at Elsevier ANNABELLE DAVID Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Newcastle University, UK DAVID DICKINSON Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Vanderbilt University, USA VIV EDWARDS Professor of Language in Education, University of Reading, UK TANYA FLUSHMAN is a doctoral student in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Vanderbilt Universitys Peabody College, USA PAULINE FOSTER Reader in Applied Linguistics, St. Marys University College, UK JILL FREIBERG is currently working on her doctorate at Vanderbilt University, USA TAO GUO is currently teaching at Shanghai International Studies University, China LOTTE HENRICHS is currently working on her doctoral dissertation at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands ERNESTO MACARO Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of Oxford, UK FLORENCE MYLES Director of the Centre for Research in Linguistics and Language Sciences, Newcastle University, UK, and Professor of French Linguistics in the School of Modern Languages VIVIENNE ROGERS is currently working on her doctorate at Newcastle University, UK SARAH RULE Research Fellow associated with the University of Southampton, UK ROB SCHOONEN Associate Professor of Second Language Acquisition, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands ALISON SEALEY Senior Lecturer in Modern English Language, University of Birmingham, UK PETER SKEHAN works at the Chinese University of Hong Kong LILI TIAN is a doctoral student in the Department of Education, University of Oxford, UK HUIJUAN XUE works as International Development Coordinator, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

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